Today Selina Goddess Beauty Salon is at the forefront of the beauty industry, providing women and men with the best body care treatment from around the world. We lead the way with innovative methods and the latest techniques in internal and external skincare and health. We address your individual need to know how to get the best skincare information and healthy skincare ingredients.

Our Treatment
Package 1

Thai Traditional +
Foot Reflexology
(90 mins)

Only $89
Package 2

Oil Massage +
Foot Reflexology
(90 mins)

Only $99
Package 3

Deep Tissue +
Foot Reflexology
(90 mins)

Only $109

Whole Body Massage + Spa or Cupping Therapy Premium Package(60/90 MINUTES)

The best choice when you need to reduce your stress hormones and increases blood flow. This premium package will help your entire cardiovascular system relaxes and circulation throughout your body.

60 mins $120 ● 90 mins $180

Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage (Quick Massage)

Our customers often request a massage for head, neck and shoulder areas. Many of the major issues come from prolonged, repetitive, or awkward movements. There are a number of causes for this including extended periods on a computer or at a desk, heavy lifting, swiping items at a checkout and manual labour. This treatment concentrates on the upper parts of the body and helps stimulate blood flow. It can help reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines, while also relieving stress and tension build up.

30 mins $20 ● 45 mins $35
60 mins $45

Traditional Thai Massage (Free Hot Pack)

(Medium Pressure) (Massage with out Oil)
The Thai style massage use both palm and thumb to concentrate on the pressure points of you whole body. Thai massage includes some stretching to reduce fatigue and release tight muscles while improving
blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and creating an overall feeling of well being.

30 mins $35 ● 45 mins $50
60 mins $59 ● 90 mins $85
120 mins $110

Combination Massage

(Medium Pressure) (Oil only Back/Leg without Oil)
Combination Thai with Oil Massage is a unique mix of Thai Massage and Relaxation Massage to Provide a Therapeutic but yet calming treatment. The Mixed style Massage starts with a Thai Original Massage focusing on the body’s meridian lines and stretching the muscles and is concluded with a Relaxation massage using massage with mix oil to calm the body and mind plus we will finish with our relaxing foot and scalp massage.

30 mins $50 ● 45 mins $59
60 mins $65 ● 90 mins $95
120 mins $125

Aroma Oil Massage (Free Hot Stone)

(Soft to Firm Pressure)
An Aromatherapy massage involves a blend of essential oils, it is the most gentle & light massage of all, helping to harmonize the mind & de-stress the body. You can choose between relaxing, energizing and uplifting essential oils.

30 mins $50 ● 45 mins $59
60 mins $65 ● 90 mins $95
120 mins $125

Remedial Massage (Free Hot Stone), (Health Fund Available)

(Medium to Firm Pressure)
Remedial Massage is a treatment modality that manipulates the soft tissues of the body including movement for a specific therapeutic effect, rather than a general therapeutic effect. It uses relevant techniques, lubricants and movements according to the client’s needs and response.

30 mins $55 ● 45 mins $65
60 mins $75 ● 90 mins $109
120 mins $145

Deep Tissue (Free Hot Stone)

(Hard Pressure)
Deep Oil Massage is a process-oriented bodywork combining deep tissue massage with oil,
body movement and awareness as well as emotional expression.

30 mins $55 ● 45 mins $65
60 mins $75 ● 90 mins $109
120 mins $145

Reflexology Foot Massage

Thai Foot massage focuses on lower legs, and especially feet. This technique helps relaxing people whose job involves lots of standing, or after a long day of walking.

30 mins $40 ● 45 mins $55
60 mins $65